Creative Consultants has a number of cores and roster experienced consultants and associate consultants as well as experienced staff. Name, position and year of experience of the professionals are given below:


Sl No Name Qualification Designation Years of Experience
 1 Dr. S. M. Monowar Hossain PhD in Horticulture Team Leader, Year Round Fruits Production and Nutrition Improvement Project (1st Phase), IMED 20
 2 Dr. Md. Abdur Rashid PhD in Irrigation and Water Management Irrigation and Water Management Specialist, Year Round Fruits Production and Nutrition Improvement Project (1st Phase), IMED 35
 3 Dr. F I M Golam Wahed Sarker PhD in Agriculture Economics Consultant and Agro-economist 35
 4 Dr. Mohammad Mustafigur Rahman Ph.D in Agriculture Evaluation Specialist (Team Leader) – Digital Krishi Porject, IMED 35
 5 Dr. S. M. Alauddin Master in Development Studies Socioeconomic Specialist – Digital Krishi Porject, IMED 20
 6 Dr. Md. Abdur Razzaque Ph.D in Agriculture Adviser 35
 7 Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam Mondal Ph.D in Agriculture Adviser 32
 8 Dr. Dr. Apurba Deb Roy Socioeconomic Research Specialist Adviser 22
 9 Dr. Jahirul Islam PhD in Land and Water Management Adviser 35
 10 Dr. Abdur Razzaque Ph.D in Agril. Extension Adviser 36
 11 Dr. Rafiqul Islam Ph.D in Agricultural Economics Adviser 35
 12 Dr. Md. Rajwanul Haque Ph.D on Women M.Phil. Socio-Economic Consultant 20
 13 Dr. Syed Naimul Wadood Ph.D in Economics Consultant 17
 14 Dr. GayanathSarker Ph.D in Economics Consultant 27
 15 Dr. Matiur Rahman Ph.D in Econometric Consultant 30
 16 Dr. A K M Abdul Hannan Bhuiyan Ph.D in Extension Education with Minors in Rural Development Consultant 38
 17 Dr Muhammad Monirul Islam Ph.D (Extension Education), University of the Philippines, 1984 Consultant 20
 18 Dr. Md. Kabil Hossain Ph.D in Environmental Science Consultant 34
 19 Mahmudul Hasan Sumon Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology Consultant 15
 20 Mohammed Jamal Uddin Doctor of Philosophy, (Ph.D.) Consultant 20
 21 Syed Hafizur Rahman Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) Consultant 25
 22 Mohammed Ikbal Hossain M.Sc Geography & Environment Consultant 25
 23 Md. Abdul Khaleque B.Sc. Engineering in Irrigation & Water Management Consultant 30
 24 Shafiqul Islam M.Sc. Geotechnical Engineering Consultant 18
 25 Imran Mahmood M.Sc. Geological Sciences Consultant 18
 26 Md. Mokhlesur Rahman Master of Statistics Consultant 35
 27 Md. Siddiqur Raman MBA (major in Finance), M.Com. in Accounting Consultant 22
 28 Md. Abdullah Al-Faruk MSS in Economics Consultant 24
 29 Ah. Md. Ferdous Habib B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering Consultant 15
 30 Mr. Shamaun Al Noor M.S in Urban Planner Consultant 20
 31 Engr. A.J.M. Shamsuddin B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering, (Irrigation & WM) Consultant 25
 32 Engr. Shamim Akhter B.Sc. in Civil Engineering Civil Engineer, Ex-post Evaluation of the project “Sundarbans Environmental and Livelihoods Security (SEALS)” 20
 33 Dr. M. Helal Uddin Ahmed Ph.D  (2013) in Computer Engineering Consultant 15
 34 Mohammed Tanvir Hassan Maula M.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering Consultant 12
 35 Md Ahmed Abdullah Talukder M.Sc. and B.Sc in Computer Science Consultant 18
 36 Engr. Muhammed Haider Hashim Master of Science (Mechanical Engineering) Consultant 20
 37 Md. Mostafizur Rahman B.Sc.Engineering (Civil) Consultant 15
 38 Md. Abdul Latif Master in Statistics Statistical Consultant – Year Round Fruits Production and Nutrition Improvement Project (1st Phase), IMED 15
 39 Md. Abdul Mannan B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Structures Consultant 37
40 K. M. Sharifur Rahman MSC in Computer Sicience ICT Specialist – Digital Krishi Project, IMED  15


Field Researchers/Enumerators

No Name of Key Experts Name of Position
1. Md. Azam Ali Field Coordinator
2. Fazlul Haque Field Coordinator
3. Md. Rezaul Karim (Reza) Field Researcher
4. Md. Tuhin Biswas Field Researcher
5. Md. Nurul Islam (Khokan) Field Researcher
6. Md. Sirajul Islam Field Researcher
7. Md. Idris Ali (Swapon) Field Researcher
8. Mustafizur Rahman Field Researcher
9. Md. Azharul Islam Field Researcher
10. Mst. Tajmira Sabrin Field Researcher
11. Md. Rafiqul Islam Field Researcher
12. Md Nurul Islam (Nurul) Field Researcher
13. Md. Ariful Islam Field Researcher
14. Md. Abdul Mutalab Shake Field Researcher
15. Md. Wali Ullah Field Researcher
16. Shagor Biswas Field Researcher
17. S. K. Yousuf Ali Field Researcher
18. Md. Yasin Ali Pradhan Field Researcher
19. Md. Ismail Field Researcher
20. Md. Humayun Kabir Field Researcher
21. Md. Abdul Hakim Field Researcher
22. Md. Azharul Islam Field Researcher
23. Md. Shafayet Hossain Field Researcher
24. Mashiur Rahman Field Researcher
25. Md. Ashraful Alam Field Researcher
26. Md. Iqbal Hossain Field Researcher
27. Md. Giasuddin Field Researcher
28. Md. Abdul Quddus Howlader Field Researcher
29. Sohel Arman Field Researcher
30. Rezwana Sultana Field Researcher
31. Nasir Uddin (Mostafa) Field Researcher
32. Beauty Ara Khatun Field Researcher