Assignment name: Ex-post Evaluation of the project “Sundarbans Environmental and Livelihoods Security (SEALS)”. FWC SIEA 2018 – LOT 1: “Sustainable management of natural resources and resilience” ACA/2019/404-715 Approx. value of the contract:
Euro 70.000,00
Country: Bangladesh
Location : 6 district of Sundarban Mangrove Area
Duration of assignment (months): 2 months
Name of Client: The European Union Delegation to Bangladesh Total No of staff-month of the assignment:
6 man-months
Start Date:
March 2019
Completion Date :
April 2019
Approx value of services provided by your firm under the contract (Euro)
Euro 18,000
Name of associated Consultants, if any :
Leading Firm: EU-FWC
JV Firms: Project Management and Consultants, Bulgaria  & Agristudio S.R.L, Italy
No of Staff-Months of Key Professional Staff provided by associated Consultants: 2
Name of Senior Staff Involved and Functions Performed:
Prof Steven M Newman                      –    Team Leader
Md. Shamim Akhter                            –    Civil Engineer
Khondoker Manzurul Haque               –    Field Coordinator
Narrative Description of Project:

The overall objective/purpose of the SEALS project was to contribute to maintaining or improving ecosystem productivity, and the environmental and social integrity of the north coastal lands of the Bay of Bengal aiming for a sustainable development of the Sundarbans Reserved Forest and the people who currently depend on its resources. The activities of the SEALS project were meant to: (a) Restore, modernise and cyclone-proof SRF protection in light of the new management plan; (b) Establish sustainable Management Information System to guide Sundarban Reserve Forest (SRF) protection and management; (c) Improve sustainability of SRF resource extraction; (d) Develop alternative livelihoods for SRF dependent households; (e) Reduce disaster risk of Sundarban Impact Zone (SIZ) communities dependent on SRF.

Ex-post Evaluation of SEALS Project

Description of Actual Services Provided by the Staff:

The Ex-post Evaluation study conducted with the following scope of works:

  • Develop M&E Framework for monitoring
  • Develop data collection tools for field survey and KII guidelines
  • Initial document/data collection and definition of methods of analysis.
  • Reconstruction of Intervention Logic, incl. objectives, specific features and target beneficiaries.
  • Initial meetings at country level with main stakeholders.
  • Gathering of primary evidence with the use of interviews.
  • Conduct KIIs, FGDs and data collection and analysis and summarize of findings
  • Assessment, conclusions and recommendations.

Some images of SEALS project area visited in Sundarbans:


SEALS Project

SEALS Project Ex-Post Evaluation

SEALS Project Ex-post Evaluation

Images by Dr. Md. Golam Mahabub Sarwar