Our approach to improved performance management involves working with organizations to translate thinking in terms of inputs and outputs into effective consideration of outcomes and impact.

CCIL Team visit Karnafully Water Supply Project of Chittagong WASA

We have a well qualified team of performance management experts who bring considerable experience and expertise in the following areas:

Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks
Creative Consultants provides consulting services for the purpose of monitoring and evaluating the progress of projects from initial project and programme planning through to post-implementation review. We also work to analyze trends throughout the implementation process, promoting systematic project management in order to reduce risks of project under-performance or failure. In particular, we have ground-breaking experience in the introduction of new information technology techniques into the field of monitoring and evaluation in the development sector.

Bench marking
Bench marking can be understood as a systematic process of evaluating performance, undertaken by comparing existing performance in specific areas to appropriate best industry or sectoral practice in order to identify possible improvement. Analyzing areas for improvement and developing change management strategies.

Project Reviews, Mid-Term Evaluation and Assessment
Our approach to evaluations and assessments mainly integrates the following:

  • Defining standards against which programmes are to be evaluated
  • Investigating the performance of the selected activities / processes to be evaluated based on these standards
    Synthesizing the results of this analysis
  • Formulating recommendations
  • Providing advice on implementation of recommendations and programme review action plans

CCIL Research and Evaluation Team Visit Cashew Nut and Coffee Demonstration Plot in Modhupur and Dhonbari Upazila of Tangail District

Research and Knowledge Management
We have carried out scoping assessments, research studies, best practice documentation in a diverse range of sectors. We have strong competence in carrying out field research and action research integrating participatory methods. Our approach to carrying out research and studies will be based on:

  • Identifying the assessment parameters
  • Developing the research framework based on the parameters
  • Identifying the most suitable methodology for data collection, information gathering and desk research
  • Ensuring appropriate sampling and representation
  • Carrying out in-depth analysis
  • Presenting findings and outcomes in a structured, useful manner
  • Give the importance of lesson learning, identifying best practices for scaling up and replication of successful development interventions, Creative Consultants places important emphasis on knowledge management including documentation, learning and sharing experiences as well as through developing knowledge portal and learning systems.

Our recent M&E Projects:

Impact Evaluation of Coastal Resilient Infrastructure Project (2nd Revised), LGED, funded by ADB-IFAD-KfW (February – June 2023)

In-depth Monitoring of "Municipal Governance and Services Project (MGSP)" under LGED (January - April 2020)

In-depth Monitoring of “Municipal Governance and Services Project (MGSP)” under LGED (January – April 2020)

Impact Evaluation of "Second Crop Diversification Project", under Department of Agricultural Extension (January - April 2020)

Impact Evaluation of “Second Crop Diversification Project”, under Department of Agricultural Extension (January – April 2020)

In-depth Monitoring of Year Round Fruits Production and Nutrition Project, IMED, Minitry of Planning (January-April 2019)

Ex-post Evaluatoin of SEALS

Ex-post Evaluation of Sundarbans Environment Livelihood Security Project (SEALS) (March-April 2019)

Impact Evaluation of Fortification of Edible Oil in Bangladesh, IMED, Ministry of Planning (January-May 2014)

Impact Evaluation Study of Promotion of Digital Krishi Information on Livelihood Improvement through Agricultural Information and Communication Centre (AICC) (1st Revised)”, IMED, Ministry of Planning

Data Management and Technical Support to “Rural Water Supply, Sanitation & Hygiene (RWASH) Program”, Solomon Islands, funded by EU

Impact Evaluation Study of “System Loss Reduction of Titas Gas Transmission and Distribution Company Limited (TGTDCL)”, IMED, Ministry of Planning