Food production must increase significantly to feed the growing world population. Yet, most of the world’s poor are living in rural regions, water is sourced mostly in rural areas, biodiversity deserves protecting and agricultural and forest related activities have a significant impact on the world greenhouse gas emissions.

The symptoms of inadequate rural and environmental planning usually become apparent long after it is virtually impossible to remedy them. In the past, too often technical solutions were applied to mere symptoms, without considering how the various problems are interrelated.

In rural and regional environments, problems are multifaceted and interrelated: population growth, poverty, dwindling natural resources, soil degradation, desertification, lack of capital, rural exodus. Individuals are not the only ones to suffer these issues affect whole nations and their economies. Economic competition is not only present between nations but increasingly between regions. Creative Consultants deeply involved in the agriculture and water resources management in the country.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Creative Consultants offers expertise in the following fields of activities:

  • Flood Control and River Bank Protection
  • Irrigation, drainage, and water management,,agricultural development
  • Participatory Water Resources Management
  • Capacity Building
  • Surveys, investigations and reconnaissance studies
  • Project Identification,
  • Supply Chain Development
  • Planning, Preliminary Designs
  • Techno-Economic Analysis and Feasibility Studies
  • Construction Supervision of Cannel
  • Contract Management
  • Management and Training Advice
  • Monitoring and Evaluation

Creative Consultants believes in team work and an integrated approach involving Engineers, Agronomists, Aquaculturists, Economists, Sociologists, Environmentalists, Extension Personnel, Credit Specialists and many other specialists for making a project success.


CCIL Research Team Visit to Cashewnut and Coffee Demonstration at Modhupur Upazila, Tangail